SINCE 2002.

Public service, altruism, and hard work have always been core values held by our family, and it was these values that led to the founding of Heralds Home Health. Giving back to the community is important to us because our family knows what it feels like to be denied basic services and privileges. It was from this experience that we vowed to never deny our services to anyone who needed help and comfort. It was no accident that we became a family of medical workers in our home country, the Philippines. Three of us became doctors, one a dentist/respiratory therapist, a nurse, a physical therapist, and our youngest sibling, a psychology graduate, now a Norbertine nun.

Our family was drawn to serving a noble purpose. It was our mother’s vision and ambition to link the family together in one profession so that we could all work for the common good in our community. Thinking of service and our love for our fellow men and women rather than wealth or material goals; our mother envisioned building a hospital or medical facility where we could make a difference in the lives of our community.

However, God had other plans for us, but our mother’s dream did not fade. One day, we decided as a family to get together, pool our resources, and put our heads together to map out a way to establish a home health agency. In this, we could fulfill our mother’s vision; working together as a family to serve those in need in our community.

On December 1st, 2002 Heralds Home Health was founded in Torrance, California. We proclaimed our mission and philosophy and sought people willing to help us establish our company. We pledged that this company would be one in which everyone under its roof will be treated with respect and equality, and which values the loyalty, steadfastness, and integrity of its employees.

Today, we at Heralds Home Health continue the hard work and selfless dedication to our community that was once a mother’s vision for her family . This family legacy will live on with a commitment to integrity, community service and a standard of excellence.

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